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This is No Candy Software, a Free Software development firm.

Software isn't just a tool—it's an investment in making your business more efficient. We, and our clients, take software seriously; it's not just “candy” to us. Instead, we look for the ways Free Software can improve and grow to accommodate our clients' needs.

Latest Updates

NoCandy-Util 0.4 released

This release includes some fixes and updated patches for SLIME/CLISP and SBCL.

NoCandy-Util 0.3 released

This release includes define-weak-obarray, for safely interning random equal objects, and an important fix to the fd-dispatch framework.

Multiple connections to SLIME in CLISP

More programmer news: In a first step toward cooperative, disjoint, yet elegant program synthesis for CLISP, this latest NoCandy-Util release includes patches to SLIME to implement cooperative concurrent connections. This is highly useful for anyone writing a server in CLISP using the FD-DISPATCH framework, as they can now include a complete, live SLIME development environment in the server. With this, we take another step towards our goal of live web and GUI development in CLISP using SLIME.

New source release for NoCandy-Util

Just two days after the last release, we've released a powerful reworking of the FD-DISPATCH framework included in NoCandy-Util. Coders, get the new release!

Initial source release: NoCandy-Util

In preparation for the initial source release of LHD, our web-based helpdesk suite, we've released a small package of Common Lisp software for use in that and future projects. For a look inside this package, see the NoCandy-Util page.

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